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AB Aquatics, Inc. is a Professional Invasive Weed Management Services Company based out of Central New Hampshire. We offer innovative state of the art weed mitigation and control strategies for freshwater ecosystems throughout the state of New Hampshire and neighboring Massachusetts. Our proprietary technologies, depth of experience and high quality work have proven successful in mitigating invasive weeds.
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We offer education, management, instruction, sales and service of specialized harvesting equipment, including Diver Assisted Suction Harvester (DASH) units, underwater GPS mapping technology and custom supplied air units for weed harvesting. We also provide DASH operations training, PADI Emergency Oxygen Provider training and invasive weed control consulting.

AB Aquatics, Inc. has recorded thousands of successful dives in multiple states harvesting Fanwort, Eurasian and Variable Milfoil along with many other invasive species. We have cleared areas as small as 0.25 acre to managing 500+ acre, multi-year, multi-diver team, milfoil mitigation projects. Typical areas mitigated are shorelines, boat docks, beaches, coves, brooks, marshes and marinas. With the use of our proprietary tools, techniques and equipment we have successfully harvested invasive weeds on varying bottom compositions of sand, swamp, silt, granite and mud.

We are committed to environmentally friendly ways to combat invasive weeds. AB Aquatics, Inc. partners with NH Department of Environmental Services, various towns, Lake Associations and private land owners to pull tens of thousands of plants annually. Our process yields full root level eradication, by meticulous hand pulling and the use of specialized DASH units.

Founder of AB Aquatics, Inc., Bob Patterson, is proud to have been part of the team that organized the invasive weed management efforts on Big Island Pond, resulting in the 2010 Environmental Merit Award from the New England Office of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for exceptional work and commitment to eradicating variable milfoil. The EPA’s Environmental Merit Award is an award that recognizes outstanding environmental advocates who have made significant contributions toward preserving and protecting our natural resources.

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