AB Aquatics, Inc. was founded in 2009 by Bob Patterson, III. Bob lived on Big Island Pond in Atkinson, NH for over a decade. His passion for diving, for Big Island Pond, and an interested listener to a presentation that Amy Smagula (NHDES) gave at the Atkinson Fire Department in 2007 about invasive weeds threatening Big Island Pond, set Bob to work on what became his life passion. He immediately drew on his creative, entrepreneurial skills to build his first eco-DASH (Diver Assisted Suction Harvester) which was immediately put to use on Big Island Pond. Bob successfully mobilized a diver program, the largest of its kind, to train teams to harvest invasive weeds on New Hampshire water bodies. His knowledge of diving, invasive weeds and fragile fresh water eco-systems has been sought out throughout New England. Bob received great joy and satisfaction in working side by side, mentoring his son, Bob Patterson, IV.

Since AB Aquatics founding to present, it has grown to be the largest invasive weed management company in New England. This growth is attributed to proven harvesting methods and a relentless dedication to detail – every root of an invasive weed is hand pulled and harvested. Post weed mitigation audits reflect that AB Aquatics DASH harvesting methods yield higher year over year mitigation results.

As Bob Patterson, IV takes over the business the company’s focus is on long term, sustainable mitigation strategies. The AB Aquatics, Inc. team consists of experienced PADI certified divers, a marine biologist, expert mapping technician as well as a team of experienced commercial boating captains.