What we do

Underwater weed removal Underwater weed removal
– Exotic invasive plants: Eurasian milfoil, variable Milfoil, Fanwort, Hydrilla, Naiad
– Hand pull and Diver Assisted Suction Harvesting
– Large fleet of DASH units to address various pond sizes and bottom compositions
Underwater mapping Underwater mapping
– Validate the conditions of your water body
– Map’s created using professional mapping software
– Survey projects include detailed water body analysis, printed report, printed maps, and recommended watch areas
 Weed Fragment Barriers Weed Fragment Barriers
Installation of floating net system(s)
Isolation of invasive weed fragments
Maintenance and repair of net systems
Diver Internship Programs Diver Internship Programs
Customized programs to meet your needs, contact Bob Patterson
Sales and service of Diver Assisted Suction Harvesters (DASH) Sales and service of Diver Assisted Suction Harvesters (DASH)
Design and build custom DASH units to meet your needs
Maintenance of existing DASH units
Invasive Plant Program Coordination Invasive Plant Program Coordination
Consulting to start up an overall mitigation plan for your water body
Diver program, weed watcher program, weed removal & mitigation